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0The perfect HTPC power supply 2020

Posted 20th Jul 2020 by filed under Misc Hardware

I recently got a new GPU for my HTPC which required a replace­men t power sup­ply as the old one was­n’t suit­able for power­ing a GPU with an 8 pin PCIe power cable.
The HTPC is in use for an aver­age of around 6 hours per day and with elec­tri­ci ty at 15p/kWh any reduc­tion in power at the wall works out at 33p a year per Watt.
This isn’t a big sav­ing, but if con­sump­tion is reduced by sev­er­al watts the sav­ing can add up.… Read Full Art­icle 80 plus, gold, , pcie 0True home cinema for a grand.
Posted 17th Nov 2017 by filed under .

I’ve long had a “home cinema” setup with a fairly budget HTPC

a 50″ plasma TV, and a 4.1 sur­round sys­tem, but when I moved house a year ago I found I no longer had a place in the main fam­ily room to fit the 50″ TV, so had to revert back to the old Sam­sung 32″ 720p CRT that I bought in around 2006.
The room has a large bay win­dow with a little recess per­fect for fit­ting a screen.

So a plan was born for true home cinema… Read Full Art­icle 4k

8k, attenborough, bbc, benq w2000, , madvr, nVidia, projector 0Keeping your HTPC clock in sync.
Posted 13th Oct 2013 by filed under .
I’ve had a long-stand­ing issue with my HTPC where it loses a minute or two every day.  If I leave it switched on for weeks on end, with only standby util­ised, I find that it starts miss­ing the start or end of TV pro­grammes due to hav­ing the wrong time.  I’ve tried modi­fy­ing the win­dows time ser­vice set­tings to make it update reg­u­larly, but this has­n’t worked.  Thanks to an art­icle on Life­Hack­er I recently stumbled upon I’ve now had an accur­ate clock for a couple of weeks.… Read Full Art­icle clock, , .

Recorded TV 0Playing BluRays with VLC

Posted 26th Jan 2012 by filed under .
There have been a couple of inter­est­i ng art­icles on Anandtech in the last couple of days.
First was a review of a cheap CEC device by Pulse-Eight which hope­fully sig­nals the arrival of more choice for HTPC remote con­tro ls.
Of great­er interest is the news of a “hack” for VLC which enables the play-back of com­mer­cial (encryp­ted) BluRays.

Nightly builds of VLC since 1.2 include sup­port for BluRay play­back

All you need for it to fully func­tion is an AACS keys data­base

a quick google should provide one.
aacs, bluray, cec, hack, , pulse-eight, remote control, vlc 0Planning a new networked home media setup .
Published 16th Oct 2011 by filed under , , Storage.
Last updated 5 Jun, 2012.
In the com­ing months I will be buy­ing a new prop­erty, and to go with my new home, I’ve been read­ing up lots on how I might integ­rate a new home media setup.  In recent months sev­er­al excit­ing new options have become avail­able, which finally makes the sort of setup I have always desired a real pos­sib­il­ity.… Read Full Art­icle android, blackgold, boxee, connect server, DLNA, dvblink, flexraid, , , raid, server, unraid 0Comparison of HTPC GPU’s.
Published 13th Jun 2011 by filed under ,.
Last updated 1 Oct, 2011.
Anandtech has an excel­lent art­icle com­par­ing 4 bot­tom end GPU’s for HTPC’s.  The art­icle is extens­ive and does a good job of explain­ing issues of fram­er­ate tim­ing, cadence detec­tion, tele­cin­ing and pull­down as well as com­par­ing the 4 GPU’s.  As we don’t believe in rein­vent­ing the wheel — we recom­mend any­one build­ing a HTPC setup read the art­icle before set­ting out.
Cadence, framerate, gpu, , pulldown, telecine, .

Timing 0Creating a new DIY HTPC from scratch

Published 10th Sep 2010 by filed under.
Last updated 12 Jun, 2013.
Pulling togeth­er a lot of pre­vi­ous posts here is a guide on how to build and set up a fully fea­tured DIY HTPC from scratch…… Read Full Art­icle , cooling, , freesat, , hd, , media browser, , , registry, , Windows Media Player, 2Full 7MC codec setup.
Published 10th Sep 2010 by filed under , , Windows Media Center.
Last updated 30 Dec, 2011.
I’ve pre­vi­ously pos­ted sev­er­al times about codec issues on 7mc, but I’ve now got a solu­tion that is com­pre­hens­ive, fairly simple and works con­sist­ently.  With a few free codecs and util­it­ies you can have full decod­ing sup­port, DXVA, sub­titles and fant­ast­ic flex­ib­il­ity work­ing in 64bit (or 32bit) Media Cen­ter.  The fol­low­ing instruc­tions are spe­cif­ic to the x64 edi­tion.

But should work just as well on the 32bit edi­tion.… Read Full Art­icle

flac, , hd, , , , registry, , 0DIY HTPC Media Center PC.
Published 9th Sep 2010 by filed under.
Last updated 5 Oct, 2011.
Fol­low­ing on from pre­vi­ous posts about my HTPC I thought I’d provide a list of what I built it with for any­one else inter­ested in build­ing a sim­il­ar machine… Read Full Art­icle hardware, 0Technology Wish List.
Published 16th Jul 2010 by filed under Android, Misc Hardware, Misc Software.
Last updated 23 Oct, 2012.

One of the best things about the Inter­net is that one can find almost any­thing

Sadly, there are some things that can­’t be found (at the time of writ­ing).
Below is my per­son­al list that I’m hop­ing to even­tu­ally find…… Read Full Art­icle android, , 1.

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