Guide to Diving in Komodo Island Indonesia – All You Need to Know


Hello folks, we back again to Facts of to talk some more about Indonesian gorgeous attractions only on our beloved site. Previously, we talked about the random things about Bali island like the best attractions for adventurers, the best bars, and even the romantic places that you can have while having your vacation on the island.

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This time, we want to
move a bit far from there to the one and only island that has the special
creature called Komodo. You know where is it? The place is Komodo Island, the
only island that inhabited with gigantic komodos in all this world. Aside from
known as the best place to see Komodo, this island actually has some nice spots
for you to dive in. What are they? See them at the guide to diving in Komodo
Island Indonesia.

The Diving Spots in
Komodo Island

As the first section of
guide to diving in Komodo Island Indonesia here, we’re just gonna put some of
the best diving destinations around the island.

1 – The Marine Garden 17 in Riung Island

The first location that
we put on the throne is the sea garden 17 in the area of Riung Island. This
underwater park is located right in the Ngada area of East Nusa Tenggara
Province. To be specific, you can find it near a village named Tadho village,
Benteng Tengah, Nangamase subdistrict of Lengkosambi.

Other than that village, the park is actually located under the two other villages, Sambinasi and Latung. So you can imagine how wide it is. All the underwater beauty of Riung Island can be seen starting from five to six o clock, in the morning. So it must be a refreshing thing to do here. You need to at least stay in the area a day before.

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2 – Pantar Strait

Now, there’s an area named Pantar Strait. This one area is said to be
comparable to the diving spots in Komodo Island, Bunaken, and even Raja Ampat
in Papua. So this place must be very natural and wonderful at the same time.
The diving spot in Pantar Strait is actually quite famous for many divers
around the globe.

Some even said that this spot in Pantar Strait is only second best to
the one underwater park located in Karibia. So it can even surpass those
popular destinations mentioned above. Many divers felt really satisfied when
diving around Pantar Strait. The underwater phenomenon is said to be a rare and
beautiful thing to watch.

3 – Kajuwulu Bay

The next diving spot in the guide to
diving in Komodo Island Indonesia is Kajuwulu Bay. Sounds not so familiar, doesn’t it?
This Kajuwulu area is located on the northern side of Magepanda district of
Sikka, East Nusa Tenggara. From Maumere, which is the capital city, it’s about
24 kilometers away.

It’s shorter when you try to reach it from the Frans Seda Maumere airports because it’s only 0 kilometers from there. However, the area has this beach that becoming a highlight. It’s like hypnotizing everyone to dive in when they see the combination of green corals and the crystal clear blue ocean.

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4 – Kepa Island

Kepa island is like a forgotten beauty of the world. While people are moving forward toward the more advanced technology, Kepa is still keeping its beauty from the touch of many hands. So it can stay virgin as it can be. Around the area, you can’t find the things that commonly be found in the cities, even motorcycle.

But for some people, this is like a heaven of the earth. It’s very peaceful, quiet, and really calming the distressed soul. The island also has special diving spots for anyone wonders. Usually, the divers bring their own equipment, because, there are no rental or even the locals living nearby. Diving into the ocean of peacefulness, who wouldn’t want that?

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5 – Kambing Island

Now, the direct translation of Kambing meaning Goat in English. So the Kambing Island simply means the goat island. Why do they call it with this name? Maybe because of the shape of the island, similarly looking to that animal form. However, the island is located not far from the famous Labuan Bajo.

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But, some say that this place is even way greater. One example is there are so many colorful corals that you can see, even from the beach. Thanks to the clear water, you can even witness the underwater beauty even without diving. But of course, many tourists can’t resist themselves to swim and take a dive to the beach in the area of Kambing Island. Just see the picture, you’ll understand.

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Diving Tips

Now, for the most
important addition, we also want to share some tips about diving in Komodo
Island. It should be best if you follow all of them.

1 – Always follow the

So, the most important
thing to do when you’re still new in the world of diving is to follow the
instructor. You need to remember some important things, starting from how to
swim, the equipment for diving, things about the oxygen tube, and so on. Yes,
they might be very long and boring, but surely this will be very helpful.

People should follow what the instructor said and having their own questions about diving. And if you have a question, don’t be shy to ask it, it may be added to the information list.

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2 – Choose the suitable

When diving or even
snorkeling, you will need this thing called swimming google. This one is real
important because without this, it would be really hard to see what’s going on
under the sea. You can also get infected by some serious injury if you’re not
wearing any google.

The time for fitting
equipment is the best time for adjusting your google. Feel that wether your
google is loose or not. Adjust it better so it can fit on your face nicely, not
too tight and too loose.

3 – Don’t hold your
breath  underwater

If you’re swimming, you
may hold your breath for a bit when putting your head down the water. But if it’s
diving, it should be a fatal thing to do. Sometimes when we breath with our
mouth, we usually holding it for a while.

The effect from this in
diving is really serious. You can get a lung injury if you’re keep doing this
when diving. Just breath normally and easily  by using the equipment provided.

4 – Remember the hand

Of course, you can’t
say a thing underwater. This is why the hand signs is really important. Before
diving, the instructor will tell you about these signs. Pay attention to it,
because when you’re giving the wrong hand sign, it can be worse.

For example from these is the thumb up, sign for go up to the surface. And then there’s the thumb down, which tells you to dive deeper. Horizontal hand sign means out of oxygen.

5 – Adjust your ears to
the water pressure

Every meter, the water
presure will be stronger. The result is your ears aching. But there’s a trick
to solve this problem. You just need to hold your nose and breath out strongly.
If you can’t do it, you can just swallow your saliva each time your ears are

Don’t be panick if the
problem still exists. You should go up to the surface and consult with the

6 – Never wander around

When diving around the
sea, you should do it with a group. This is important because you can
understand where you should or shouldn’t go. If you’re with the instructor,
remember to always keep the distance.

Never wander around, because it’s really dangerous out there. The sea is a beautiful thing, but it can be very deadly.

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Place to Learn Diving
around Komodo Island

Scuba diving seems
hard, but it’s learnable. For anyone who want to have the capability for
diving, they can learn a thing or two in some diving schools. There are some of
the best ones located near Komodo island such as :

1 – Max Dive Center

2 – Divine Diving

3 – Komodo Dive Center

4 – Uber Scuba Komodo
Dive Center

5 – Alor Dive

So that’s the topic
about the guide to diving in Komodo Island Indonesia for you today. As you can
see, the island is not less good than the other famous locations for diving. In
fact, the island can be used for your best getaway. Stay tuned at Facts of, in the next one, we want to share the list of spots that are
best for witnessing the sunrise and sunset in Indonesia. See you later!
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