13 Tips To Do Scuba Diving in Raja Ampat Indonesia


For those of you who like the world of diving, surely you really want to do the sport wherever the location is. One of the locations that you should try is in Raja Ampat, besides its exotic place, there are also many interesting dive sites. Hence the useful guides to do scuba diving in Bali all you need to know.
However, before you try diving in that place, it is necessary to prepare and find out what things can make your diving more challenging and memorable. Well, for this, here are some examples and tips to do scuba diving in Raja Ampat Indonesia that you can try:
1. Make careful and good planning
Apparently, diving activities must also be planned properly and carefully. By doing proper and careful planning, your diving activities will be more fun and run smoothly. In addition, with good planning, you can book a place in advance and prepare travel expenses in detail. So that diving is more efficient and effective, always plan diving beforehand.
The best time to dive is not the same every day. This is because diving activities have the best times to dive. Diving in Raja Ampat can cost around Rp. 9-10 million. In October is the right month to visit there, so you can save from far away. The list of the best diving in Indonesia for beginners.
2. Toward safety
Even though diving is fun, safety is still number 1 so that everything is safe. Security is very important when diving. Do not let you be fascinated with dozens of coral reefs until your body is tired and disturbs your safety in the water. Also, warm up before diving to prevent the body from cramping.
The condition of the body must also be considered, when not strong to continue diving go up to the surface of the water. So that there is no cramping or numbness that creates a danger to your safety.
3. Excellent physical condition
Tips to do scuba diving in Raja Ampat Indonesia that you can do that is by maintaining your physical and psychological condition. It’s not enough to just desire, but the physician must also be excellent. The journey to Raja Ampat alone has consumed energy and attention, not to mention another trip. So prioritizing your health, the psychic must also be ready.
For beginners, it is not recommended to do diving by yourself, at least there are guides and some friends who can be used as partners or colleagues who accompany you to do scuba diving. The following are the best water activities in Bali Indonesia you will enjoy.

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4. Make the appropriate financial plan
The importance of making a financial plan while you are diving in Raja Ampat. Find out about diving prices and facilities available there. Make sure the money you will spend is more than enough.
Do not get over budget which will burden you. It’s better to save if your financial conditions is not good enough. Consider other costs that can appear at any time when you are in Raja Ampat. You can search on the internet to get the cost estimation.
5. Preparation of scuba diving equipment 
Diving isn’t just enough to do it. You also need to know and study about the equipment needed and how is the functions. Do you need to bring it yourself or do you have to rent it? Because scuba diving equipment is not cheap, if your money is insufficient, it is better to find out how much it costs to rent the equipment.
You should also check whether the package you take includes equipment or not. Therefore try to find out all the equipment needed during diving in Raja Ampat. The interesting facts about Raja Ampat Indonesia you must know.
6. Determine which transportation supports
Another tip to do in Scuba diving in Raja Ampat Indonesia is knowing about transportation to Raja Ampat. What is certain is that you cannot travel by land if your home city is in Jakarta.
First, you have to buy a plane ticket home and go, now after that find out which transportation is fast and cheap according to the funds to the Raja Ampat location. So you have prepared to deal with the problem. Don’t get confused and panic because you don’t know which transportation is the best.
7. Choose an affordable scuba diving package 
You can also determine and choose if there is a scuba diving package available in Raja Ampat. Choose according to your funds and your diving abilities. Don’t let it be because of the low price, the diving trip is a mess. Find out what types of packages are clear and not deceptive.
You can search for references through social media, through friends or packages directly through tours and travel. Prepare all the needs that will be needed as long as you follow the scuba diving package. The best snorkeling in Bali Indonesia the exclusive locations you should visit.
8. Use guide services
If you are still a beginner, it is not wrong if you hire a guide or instructor while you are diving in Raja Ampat. Generally available in a scuba diving package. This is to ensure that the conditions for diving are safe and secure.
You also need to practice before, because the Raja Ampat area that you don’t know. The importance of guide services is also to give you instructions as well as safe direction.
9. Take care of the environment and residents in Raja Ampat
Socialize with the community around the diving site. Of course, besides diving, you can also learn a lot about the uniqueness of the local culture. This will add to your travel experience and story. There are several diving activities that also involve the daily activities of the local community.
Also, keep the naturalness and beauty of the underwater environment when you are diving. Do not damage the coral reefs, take sea fish to take home, and take sand for keepsakes. By maintaining the beauty of the underwater environment, it means that you have taken care of the marine ecosystem. At a minimum do not hold the coral reef, let alone damage it. Hence spend your time in these popular vacation spots in Indonesia.

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10. Enjoy the underwater scenery
Underwater life is not static at the same point. Enjoy each of your diving spots, and never get bored when diving at the same point. On one dive site, there are guaranteed to be thousands of different sights. If you stay 3 days in Raja Ampat, then those 3 days will be many sights that you find.
The different sights are like fish and marine biota that you will see differently every day. Many dives repeat at one point, so don’t ever get bored to dive at the same point.
Apart from the explanation and example above, here are tips for doing Scuba diving in Raja Ampat Indonesia that you should pay attention to before:

Share your diving experience with friends or family. Tell the beauty of coral reefs, sea fish, clear water and amazing underwater scenery. Maybe, there is your friend who is interested in trying diving and invites you to dive together. With so many friends, diving costs will be cheaper, because the costs can be shared. Wonderful facts of Indonesian marine you never imagine.
Security is very important when diving. Do not be fascinated by dozens of coral reefs until your body is tired and disturbs your security in water. Also, warm up before diving to prevent the body from cramping.
Don’t forget to capture every moment when you dive in Raja Ampat, because of its very pleasant and interesting location. You will never get bored and will even come back for the next scuba diving. Hence the endemic fish in Indonesia you have to know.

Such are some examples and explanations regarding tips for doing Scuba diving in Raja Ampat Indonesia. Hopefully, it will be your reference when determining your diving plan there.
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