Joey Lussick has new respect for TV show Ninja Warrior after Salford took it on


JOEY Lussick has already had his eyes opened in more ways than one after Salford turned into Ninja Warriors before a ball has even been kicked in Super League.

And one painful lesson has already been learned – the TV show is far harder than it looks.

Ian Watson’s men did a Ninja Warrior-style course in Manchester

The Red Devils went to the Total Ninja UK centre in Manchester as part of their pre-season training and took part in a lot of drills seen on the show’s obstacle course.

It certainly put smiles on faces and made muscles ache as the serious message behind the fun starting burning among Ian Watson’s squad, literally.

“I’ve been watching it back home and thought, ‘I’d be pretty good at that,’” said Australian hooker Lussick. “But we started on the amateur course and I struggled there!

“Some of the exercises were on your upper body, which were OK but then some had your legs involved too and then we went upside down, which was hard.

Salford’s players became Ninja Warriors as part of their pre-season training


“There was one where you hold on to a pole which is meant to move around as you go between them but it turned into the lads just spinning it around as fast as they could, that was interesting.

“And at the end we have to run up the wall you see them do on TV. Tyrone McCarthy managed the highest one.

“I wasn’t too bad on the upper body ones but my arms and legs were burning afterwards – and there were a fair few fails!

“I definitely realised how hard the TV programme is. I thought I could go all right on the course when I watched it – I don’t now.”

Ben Nakubuwai found some obstacles better than others

Fun aside, Salford have plenty of reasons to approach 2019 with the utmost seriousness – proving people wrong for a start.

Watson’s side is being tipped for relegation by some but Lussick believes they can well and truly upset the form book and push for a place in the new top five play-off system.

The 22-year-old, who faces fancied Huddersfield and Leeds in the first three rounds, added: “Last year in the Qualifiers, the players really started to challenge each other and it’s been the same again, even though we’re only in training.

“Given the way we’re going at the moment, from my point of view I feel like we could challenge a lot of teams in the coming season.”