Chelsea icon John Obi Mikel funds Nigeria’s amputee World Cup team and says ‘I didn’t think twice’


CRUTCHES clatter along the pavement of John Obi Mikel’s back garden as four footballers step onto the patio.

This is not a reunion of injured pros but a meet-up between Chelsea’s former midfielder and a contingent of amputee players.

Alan Walter

Chelsea icon John Obi Mikel invited amputee footballers to his Surrey home[/caption]

They are here for a project Mikel has developed a passion for.

It is six weeks since Nigeria’s amputee team, nicknamed the ‘Special Eagles’, reached out to the two-time Premier League winner for help.

Nigeria were due to miss the Amputee World Cup last month after failing to raise the necessary funds to go to Mexico.

Ghana’s highly-rated team was unable to go to Mexico while England only reached the required £70,000 amount due to a late donation from the Premier League.

Alan Walter

Nathan Fisher, left, Michael Ishiguzo, second right, and Roger Whitehouse told Mikel their stories[/caption]

LAJ Photography

Michael Ishiguzo plays for Arsenal Amputee FC[/caption]

Fisher, left, was born without a fibula bone in his right leg