Chelsea fan claims he called Raheem Sterling a ‘Manc c***’ not a ‘black c***’ as he reveals he’s lost his job


A FOOTBALL fan caught on camera abusing Man City star Raheem Sterling last night said he was “deeply ashamed” – but insisted his words weren’t racist.

Colin Wing was among a group of Chelsea fans shouting at the player during a match on Saturday.

Colin Wing (circled) said he was ‘deeply ashamed’ by his actions but insisted his words weren’t racist

The Met Police are probing claims the player was called a “f****** black c***”.

The 60-year-old, from Beckenham, in South East London, apologised for his actions but denied he was a racist, telling the Daily Mail: “I’m deeply ashamed by own behaviour and I feel really bad.

“But I didn’t call him a black c***, I called him a Manc c***.”

Wing also claimed he’d been sacked and lost his season ticket as a result of his actions, and then demanded to be left alone.

It came as Chelsea suspended four supporters from Stamford Bridge and passed their names to cops.

The Sun says

LET’S get something straight.

The racist abuse of Raheem Sterling at Chelsea is not somehow The Sun’s fault.

We hope those allegedly responsible get what they deserve.

We hugely admire Sterling’s talent.

Our coverage of his off-field behaviour has nothing to do with skin colour.

The suggestion is ridiculous and offensive — and the idea it inspired racists is baseless.

His media mates should engage their brains before dishing out accusations without a shred of evidence.

Wing told the paper: “I’ve been going to Chelsea for 50 years now and, because of where I sit, I’m picked up on the camera most weeks.

“If I had a history of saying this sort of thing I would’ve been caught by now.

“Nobody around me said they heard anything. I want to apologise unreservedly to Raheem and hope he can be a better man than I am by accepting it.

“I offer him an unreserved apology. Even if it wasn’t racist, it’s not right what I said.

“Even the swearing is bad – but I got carried away.

“I was completely out of order, but I’ve lost my job and my season ticket now so everybody’s got what they wanted. So why can’t they leave me alone?”

Raheem Sterling spoke out about the incident on his Instagram page
Sterling said newspapers are helping to ‘fuel racism’ by the ways in which they portray young black footballers

Mr Wing, who supports Chelsea, said cops spoke to him twice on Saturday but didn’t charge him with any crime.
He didn’t reveal what he did for work or provide further details about apparently being sacked.

Mr Wing and three other Chelsea fans were tonight suspended from attending Chelsea’s home matches.

Sterling, who was interviewed by officers on Sunday morning, said he heard racial abuse from the stands.

Chelsea’s investigation into the incident used TV footage from many angles to identify the offenders.

The club are also using lip-readers to try to establish which words were used.

 Raheem Sterling was the victim of alleged racist abuse against Chelsea
Raheem Sterling was the victim of alleged racist abuse against Chelsea
PA:Empics Sport
Photographs of the crowd show the footballer smile as the crowd yells
Photographs of the crowd show the fan, circled, after the alleged abuse

Another Chelsea fan called TalkSport radio yesterday to admit he was one of the men who were suspended.

Going by the name “Dean”, he apologised for the abuse he hurled at Sterling but insisted he didn’t say anything racist.

The trucker, 54, of Barking, Essex, explained: “I didn’t call him anything (racist), I called him an effing…and pointed at him and said ‘you’re a waste of space and you’re an embarrassment to England’, and then the whole stand started chanting ‘Raheem Sterling you run like a girl’”.

And addressing Sterling, the fan said: “I apologise for anything for I said that offended you.

“On behalf of the other fans it abhors me and I’m really sorry. That language shouldn’t have come out.

“Even what I said shouldn’t have come out, it was the passion of the game, other than the alleged racism.”

Sterling insisted all he could do was laugh amid claims he was racially abused by Blues supporters
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Man City suffered their first loss of the season in the 2-0 defeat
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A Chelsea spokesman tonight said: “Chelsea Football Club has suspended four people from attending Chelsea matches pending further investigations into allegations regarding the behaviour of supporters towards Raheem Sterling during our match against Manchester City on Saturday.

“Our investigations into this matter are ongoing. We are fully supporting the police investigation and any information we gather will be passed on to them.

“Chelsea Football Club finds all forms of discriminatory behaviour abhorrent and if there is evidence of ticket holders taking part in any racist behaviour, the club will issue severe sanctions, including bans.

“We will also fully support any criminal prosecutions.”

The England star had gone to collect the ball from the side of the pitch during the first half when he was allegedly abused.

Sterling himself spoke out after the incident, saying: “Regarding what was said at the Chelsea game as you can see by my reaction I just had to laugh because I don’t expect no better.”

Sterling, 24, also said he believed black players and white players were not treated equally by the media and he believes newspapers have helped “fuel racism and aggressive behaviour”.

A Met Police spokesperson said: “We are aware of a video circulating online in which it is claimed racial abuse was allegedly directed at a player at a Chelsea v Manchester game at Stamford Bridge on Saturday 8 December.

“We continue to review the footage and CCTV to determine whether any offences have been committed.”

Raheem Sterling left training at Manchester City today after allegedly being racially abused last night
Raheem Sterling left training at Manchester City on Sunday after allegedly being racially abused on Saturday

A spokesman for Manchester City said: “‘Manchester City FC welcomes Chelsea FC’s decision to issue suspensions to the individuals who verbally abused Raheem Sterling during the match at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

“The Club and Raheem are fully engaged with Chelsea FC and the investigating authorities as they continue to examine the events in question.

“Manchester City and Raheem are committed to working with all relevant parties and organisations to support the objective of eradicating racism from the game.”