Mark Wahlberg struggles with Premier League team names as he predicts scores for Match of the Day


ACTOR Mark Wahlberg sparked giggles after struggling to pronounce the names of Premier League footie teams.

The Hollywood star was filmed predicting this weekend’s fixtures for Match of the Day.

Mark Wahlberg found it tough to pronounce names of Premier League clubs

Wahlberg, 47, first stumbled over Wolverhampton Wanderers versus Burnley — declaring: “Wow, these are some good names.”

Then he stunned fans by predicting “Boune-mouth versus “Leicester Square” instead of Bournemouth and rivals Leicester City.

Mark Wahlberg is one of Hollywood’s most famous actors

Transformers actor Wahlberg then mispronounced Watford as “Waterford” before saying Manchester City would face Fullman — instead of Fulham.

The US star also struggled over “Brighton and Hove Albion”, preferring to read out the name of their opponents Southampton.

Wahlberg got Watford’s name completely wrong and was too scared to attempt Brighton and Hove Albion
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Predicting the winner of Monday’s clash, he said: “Er, lets say Southampton bec­ause I don’t know how to say that other name again.”

Wahlberg was appearing on a weekly predictions feature alongside MotD pundit Mark Lawrenson.

BBC pundit Mark Lawrenson predicts scores each week and competes against celebrities
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Match of the Day said on Twitter: “Mark Wahlberg’s Premier League predictions are wonderful.”